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Cost of Living in Turkey

If you are thinking of studying in Turkish universities? Or you are residing in Turkey and want to enroll your children in Turkish schools or even international schools? The first question that comes to your mind is what is the cost of living in Istanbul for students?

You may choose to study in Istanbul, do some research on the Internet and look for the cost of living in Istanbul for students in various social media, and you will be surprised by different reactions to this question that is repeated all the time.

Some people tell you that the cost of living in Istanbul for students is very cheap, it does not cost you anything, and some of them say that studying in Turkey is expensive and costly to the average student, and you must be rich in order to live and study in Istanbul.

In this article, we will tell you honestly and objectively,

The cost of living for a student in Istanbul 2021 is generally lower than the average person; We will mention to you the details of the daily life of students living in Istanbul

Turkey provides value for MONEY. The living expenses vary depending on your lifestyle, study programme, location and facilities.

Students can expect to pay (estimated living expenses)-

International students can expect to spend about 400 USD to 500 USD per month on travel, accommodation, food, entertainment, telephone and internet, and clothing.


General costs per Month

  • Accommodation: 200 - 300 USD (inclusive of room deposit)

  • Transportation : 50 USD

  • Food : 100 USD

  • Books & Stationery: 30 USD

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